Food & Drink

Meemo’s Retreat is inspired by it’s rural Mid-Michigan locale. It’s menus and cuisine is rooted in and driven by the abundance of local farm-fresh products and produce. From the fine wines and artisan cheeses of the Traverse City area to Michigan-raised venison, heritage pork and the seafood bounty of the Upper Great Lakes—we’re a true farm-to-table experience.

Our Chefs

Meemo's Retreat in Michigan - Chef Randy


Executive Chef

Having grown up in his mother’s kitchen, Chef Randy was captivated by the aromatic flavors that tantalized the whole family. In Randy’s opinion he was taught by the best, his mother, who gave him an apperception of food and installed in him a “no fear” and adventurous approach to cooking.

From the early days of sitting on a stool in the kitchen, adding herbs and spices to the pot to create his own flavors, his career choice was only going to go one way. After very successful stints cooking at the Hershey Chocolate Corporation at their flagship hotel and the Hyatt Regency Hotels in Tampa, Miami and Philadelphia Chef Randy has now returned to his Michigan roots living just a stone’s throw from Meemo’s.

Meemo's Retreat in Michigan - Assistant Chef Mark


Assistant Chef

Mark Wilkin is another Michigan-born local with a background in restaurant and kitchen management. Mark’s career saw him move into hotel management with the Holiday Inn and Super Eight hotel chains. When Mark teamed up with Chef Randy at a local restaurant, their combined talents was the start of a great partnership.

Chef Randy and Mark welcome you to Meemos Retreat.